Natasha Lay is a creative designer and weaver. Born in Geraldton she spent her childhood on the beautiful beaches of Western Australia.  She has a love for earthy creations and often finds inspiration from being outdoors.

In 2009 she moved to Europe with her husband and began to explore her curiosities of European culture which infused her passion for design. In 2012 Natasha and her family returned to Australia where she worked as a School Chaplain for over 6 years before relocating to the Kimberley Region where she began learning about the Indigenious culture of Australia. She now lives in the beautiful South West of Western Australia where she resides with her family and has begun teaching her macrame techniques.

In 2015 Natasha decided to launch Natasha Lay Designs. Her weaving style incoporates masculine wood branches and soft local feathers with natural fibres. She is richly inspired by the untouched raw beauty of the Australian Outback, the natural colours of its landscape, and the unique wildlife that lives amongst it.